Collabrewation: This is how businesses should interact.

How awesome an idea is this: independent coffee roasters should get together and collaborate the way that craft breweries do.

Jason and Josh


That’s exactly what Jason Dominy of Batdorf and Bronson, a roastery based in Atlanta and Olympia, Washington, dreamed of doing for years. He found his first collaborator in St.Louis-based roastery Kaldi’s Coffee Roasting Company.

I love this partnership so much, because it embodies what I believe businesses should be doing: working together, promoting one another, and making their industry and product better through idea sharing and challenge. It’s inspiring to see what Jason accomplishes on a daily basis in his role as “Batdorf and Bronson Coffee Evangelist” (not his official title, but perhaps the best description of what he does).


On the Kaldi’s Coffee side, the Collabrewation coffee derives from Guatemala San Pedro, and on the Batdorf & Bronson side, Guatemala Finco El Valle.

“The idea of Collabrewation came from my love of the unity of craft beer brewers who, in taking on the giant commercial beer companies, band together releasing collaboration beers. As they do this, they give a unified charge against the giants, and don’t compete on price or gimmicks, but simply great beer,” says Jason.

Josh Ferguson, Kaldi’s Coffee co-owner, adds, “When Jason with Batdorf & Bronson approached us with the idea, we thought it was a great opportunity to illustrate the strong community that exists between those involved with the Specialty Coffee Industry.”


Guatemala Antigua Finca El Valle, used by Batdorf & Bronson

Jason sums it all up for me this way: “Collaboration is about working together for the greater cause. It’s about putting aside your own desires for the good of the greater. I am a firm believer in the power of collaboration, in the power of sharing strengths and working together to become successful. None of us do it all alone.”

Collabrewation will be available for sale beginning August 8, 2012, at all Kaldi’s Coffee and Batdorf & Bronson Retail locations, websites, and participating wholesale customers.

Collabrewation Label Designed by Ben Blake @drawcoffee


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