Field of Greens Festival 2010

This kind of festival represents, to me, the essence of “what it’s all about”–when it comes to food, anyway. This is what stokes my passion, what represents everything that’s exciting and rewarding about supporting local food and business. On October 3, 2010, a new festival called Field of Greens was held at Whippoorwill Hollow Farm in Covington, GA. Chefs, food artisans, farmers and educators came together to celebrate what happens when food is sourced locally, transactions between farmers and chefs are handled with care and responsibility, and dedicated artisans create the best ice cream, soaps, candles, or pickles money can buy. In other words, a bunch of people who do what they love got together and did it, and I got to have a taste.

The chef list was amazing. Ron Eyester (known for his acerbic rants as @theangrychef on Twitter), head chef at Rosebud in Atlanta, recruited some of Athens’ and Atlanta’s best-known talent to wow the crowd in the tasting tent, including Athens’ own Farm Cart and Ecco, Farm Burger, and Muss & Turner’s from Atlanta. (I particularly rejoice in any Athens/Atlanta mashup.)

There was a dedicated kids’ area with crafts, games and real animal interaction. My little one, Noah, got to milk a goat!

Noah’s favorite things included his strawberry and cream popsicle from the famed King of Pops, and seeing and hearing (a bevy of) roosters.

I can’t wait for next year already!


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