Athens Tour of Taverns: Trappeze

A friend and I recently dined at Trappeze and decided, spontaneously and based on the fabulous meal we had, to do a Tour of Taverns. We were going to call it a “Pub Crawl”–and I thought that was humorous–but since we’re technically not going to more than one place a week, perhaps that’s confusing. So to be clear, while we certainly plan on sampling the taverns’ fare AND brews, we’re sticking to ONE pub at a time. Thankyou.

All of the places we review are connected by the passion that each of the chefs and proprietors share. It’s the sparks of inspiration and innovation that set these local and unique places apart from stale chain restaurants.

Trappeze Pub’s commitment is to the finest craft beers in the world and providing an environment conducive to conversation and community. We believe that great craft beer is among the finest simple pleasures in life. We celebrate the art and beauty of a well-crafted pint and hope to share our passion with each person that we have the honor of serving.

Ratings are on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is heinous and nauseating, and 5 is fabulous and addictive.

Trappeze is my idea of exactly what an Athens tavern should be: it’s clean, upscale yet unfussy, accessible, classy, roomy, and warm. I appreciate the choice of types of seating (booth, table, bar, elevated round tables with stools). Several reviewers commented on the lovely views available from many of the booths. The mural is quite nice, too.

As with many of the places we review, Trappeze isn’t the cheapest food in town, but the quality of the food is impressive and rare. Reviewers were pleased that all items were under $9 and averaged $7, including side. Drink pricing began at $3.50 (for a Terrapin) and averaged $5-6 (more for some picks).

FOOD: 4.9 (!!)

DUDE. I think there’s a misconception about Trappeze; I’ve heard more than one person say, “Oh, I thought that was a bar. They have food?” OHYES they do. My bratwurst (and the BBQ I had last week) were among the best I’ve tried. Seriously. “Food preparations were perfect,” wrote one reviewer, “and all the meals went well with a beer.” Another noted, “Not a huge selection, but everything I’ve tried here tastes wonderful.” It’s kid friendly; there’s a kids’ menu included with the main offerings. The food menu isn’t as extensive by ANY means as the drink menu, but every one I’ve seen so far knocks it out of the park and is perfect, as noted above, with beer (natch).

Trappeze bills itself as a craft-beer aficionado heaven. It comes darn close to defining that. There’s a BINDER of TONS of beers available on each table. A BINDER. I personally enjoyed the New Belgium La Folie.

Servers are friendly, fast, and knowledgeable. The single ladies also pointed out that the server was winningly handsome.

Trappeze Pub on Urbanspoon


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