Athens Tour of Burgers: Blind Pig Tavern

I was dragged reluctantly to Blind Pig Tavern, but it was actually one of the best burger deals in Athens! Just as a reminder, all Tours are the same: 1 is nasty, 5 is awesome. We’re coming to the conclusion of the Burger Tour, but because only a couple of us made it to Allen’s, we’ll return there this week; I’ll give a comprehensive review after that visit. I’ll also announce the Burger Tour winner at that time!


Nothing fancy; the Blind Pig is “your typical burger joint.” It’s a college bar–posters, beer signs. even a modern jukebox. I appreciated the 80s music (Asia!) that played while we dined, and I heard from both male and female sources that the restrooms were clean.


Really excellent, especially comparatively. The burgers rival some of the gourmets in town, and you get your burger AND a side (good fries!) for $8. Beer is also reasonably priced–$1.50 to $4 for a pint, $3.50 cider. Average selection for a full bar in Athens.


FOOD: 3.8
One reviewer found her food “too hot, too dry, too overcooked,” and one didn’t get his BBQ sauce on his BBQ burger, but everyone else was extremely satisfied with their food. “Sixteen different burger choices!” raved Chris, who ordered the ONE POUNDER pictured above…and ate every bite. I was extremely happy with a lovely fried egg sitting on top of mine–if you haven’t tried it, you should. An egg slapped on top of almost anything makes it better, I’m convinced.


Absolutely average–nothing to complain about. Our order was taken and food arrived in a timely manner. Our server checked on us often.

DRINKS: 4.25
Coke products and an average selection for a full bar in Athens (13 beers on tap). It’s no Mellow Mushroom, but you should be able to find something you’ll like. The glasses are HUGE, which probably accounted for a slight rating boost from the reviewers!


Blind Pig Tavern on Urbanspoon


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