Athens Tour of Burgers: Broad St. Bar & Grill

I’d never been to Broad Street Bar & Grill, a classic Athens bar, before; usually people are smoking outside of it (a sure deterrent for me), and I never thought to drop in. When we began this Tour, a friend suggested it as a must-stop, and every time I mentioned it to someone, they were almost guaranteed to reply, “Oh, yeah! Their burgers are good!”


I found out something that may interest the community at large: the owner told me that Broad Street Bar & Grill will be closing soon for renovations, and EVERY piece of memorabilia (that’s a LOT of stuff) is for sale. “Just make an offer,” he said. And he meant it. I got my dad’s Christmas presents in one fell swoop! YESSSS! I’m not kidding.


Anyway, on to the review. As usual, ratings are 1=nasty and 5=awesome.

BSB&G is a college bar…period. LOTS of UGA memorabilia, older-looking chairs and tables that have seen their day, a video game, a cigarette machine. The latter was actually what sparked the conversation with the owner. “Um, why did you just take a picture of my cigarette machine?” he asked. I replied that it’s old, and I hadn’t seen one in a while. “There are four just like it on this street alone.” Guess I don’t go to bars much. Reviewers commented, “I definitely know I’m at UGA,” and “great if you love the Dawgs.” We also noted the clientele were all male. Um, except for three reviewers.



Especially after dining at some of the more gourmet outlets in town, we were pleasantly surprised that a 1/2 lb burger and side are $7.99.



FOOD: 4.25
The burgers were juicy, well-cooked and huge; not as amazing as White Tiger, obviously, nor as perfect as the Burger Factory, but darn good. There is a vegetarian option (a Boca Burger), but I doubt they sell a lot of those. The primary offerings have names like “Big Mama” (ahem, my choice) and “Big Dawg.” Manly! Options for sides: fries, coleslaw, vegetable medley (sauteed), and for an additional .50, lovely beer-battered onion rings.


Coke products, full bar to include cider. There’s a “101 Shots” menu and a huge plaque on the wall with the names of people who have downed all 101.


Our waitress checked on us several times and was super quick to check on specialty items (spicy mustard) or to fulfill requests (ranch on the side). One funny note: one of our diners got two top buns and the other two bottoms! Hee hee! They exchanged. No big deal.


This was supposed to be the Burger Tour’s last stop, but I have been goaded into going to Blind Pig Tavern next week. After that, we’re starting a mini-BBQ tour that will take us through the end of the year!

Broad Street Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon


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