The National, Part 2

I had to go back to The National ASAP! I talked my buddy Meredith into going with me.


She’d been there before and had great things to say about the Ham & Cheese Ciabatta with fig jam (Black Forest ham, fontina cheese, arugula). I happily followed her suggestion, because I had actually considered that dish the other day. It comes with your choice of side for $9–not bad! The sandwich was a nice size; in fact, I could only eat half of it as I saved some room for dessert (and a breve at Walker’s).

Our waiter’s first question was, “Can I bring you something from the bar?” That is what I AM TALKING ABOUT. More places should begin their queries this way.


I got the local potatoes with spicy pomegranate ketchup: YUM. Tart AND spicy. I could have chosen a green side salad or pumpkin-currant salad. DANGIT! What is a girl to DO?! Also, a cup of the amazing pumpkin soup with curry crema and spiced pecans is only $3! I did get that.

Our beverages were fantastic: I went with the Vinho Verde again. It’s just so dependable and easy-drinking. Meredith got the seasonal Brooklyn pumpkin ale, which was by far the best of its ilk I’ve tried. Tasted strongly of pumpkin pie spice…awesome!



I forgot to gank a dessert menu before we left, so I can’t remember the precise descriptions of the items pictured. One’s a custardy pastry/cake with a delicious cream (REALLY GOOD), and the chocolate one is a “molten cake,” but it was actually a tepid, fudgy mass. Which is not a BAD thing, but I’ve had better molten cakes and had kind of high expectations. The liquor-soaked berries were, however, to die for.

The National is fast cementing itself in my food consciousness as a staple place, not a once-in-a-while treat.

Oh, check out the Zagat rating! Rad.

The National on Urbanspoon


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