Checking in: Your Pie Downtown

Your Pie‘s downtown location is finally open! YAY! You can find it on Broad where Uncle Otto used to live.

First thing you need to know: text “yourpie” to 74700 to get a free fountain drink! SWEET. I love free stuff. Just show them the text when you get to the cashier so they can see the timestamp. Until further notice, you can do this 8 times a month, apparently.

From time to time I’ll revisit places I’ve reviewed in the past and check their pulse, or investigate a new location–I’m calling that “Checking In.”


Your Pie keeps the ambiance similar to its Alps location: classy and upscale. I love that I can get pizza that is healthy (my choice of regular, whole wheat, or gluten-free thin crusts and more cheese selections than one usually finds in a pizza joint) and not A) break the bank or B) feel greasy, stinky, and used when I am done.

I really like this space, and the simple but comfortable way they’ve set it up. We sat in the corner, and it was just really cozy. My liking could be influenced, though, by the fact that I have NO HEAT in my office, and they had theirs on. Heat really ups the cozy factor, in case you were wondering. Also, the spacing of the tables is just right (read: my claustrophobia wasn’t triggered).


This location also has the gelato, which–GASP–I didn’t get today. But IT’S THERE, and that is what matters.


My partner in crime today was my buddy Patrick Tilley:

Of course, Your Pie is all about making it however you want it–no struggles with roommates or cranky teens. Just give me my ranchy marinara, whole milk mozzarella, fresh garlic, pineapples, and cilantro. Thanks. Tilley got a more traditional cheese pie with hot sauce.


Mine was actually a little salty, but one of the things Patrick and I were discussing is that at Your Pie, if your pizza sucks, that is YOUR FAULT. They have done everything they can with their wood-fired oven and myriad choices. I love having the fresh taste of cilantro available for my pizza, though! Awesome.

This is me trying to act like I own the place, with predictably laughable results:

Your Pie on Urbanspoon


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