Athens Tour of Burgers, Stop 2: CLOCKED


Back for the attack at CLOCKED, a diner downtown on Washington Street (near Farm 255 and The 40 Watt). As one reviewer said, it’s “a great third date place,” somewhere you can go when you want somewhere cool and delicious, and you’re comfortable enough to talk with ketchup on your chin. If you’re at that level, it’s time for a visit here…or a DTR talk.


You could consider CLOCKED a lovely upgrade to The Grill: burgers, beer, shakes, fries. Sure, when you leave you’re going to smell like a burger; that’s par for the course. But the atmosphere is decidedly a departure from the typical greasy spoon. Soft, glowy, but rock n roll. Not garish, not snobby. BIG MINUS: the TERRIBLE SCREAMY MUSIC. Can we get over this indie thing and please admit that some bands really suck? Do I have to listen to them while I eat my burger (or my cornbread–ahem, 5 Star Day)? Athens, put the screaming, gunting indie beasts out of their misery. Please.

A burger and fries are going to cost you about $10 (without a beverage). Now, on one hand, you’re getting everything you need to have from this kind of place: excellent fries, juicy burger, interesting beverage choices. But for lunch, that’s kinda steep. My recommendation is a good lunch special; otherwise, I probably wouldn’t come back a lot for lunch unless goaded by a group.


FOOD: 4.7
Just very, very good, as I stated above. My burger, pictured, was an excellently-cooked gouda bacon burger with sweet potato fries. OH YES, PEOPLE. OH, YES. With raspberry jalapeno ketchup for dipping the fries. * moment of silence *

No Coke, BUT the varied, interesting soda offering, along with a limited but excellent choice of beers, earned the approval of all the raters. CLOCKED offers RC Cola, Cheerwine, Diet Pepsi, and Terrapin beer, among other things.

IMG_1802 Carnage!


You know, everyone’s new at some point. Our server was new, but when she didn’t know the answer to our questions, she asked management. That’s what you want. I appreciated that management was willing to substitute the sweet potato fries for regular–I expected an upcharge, but got none. Sweet.


259 W Washington St
Athens, GA 30601
Clocked on Urbanspoon


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