Athens Tour of Burgers, Stop 1: Burger & Cheesesteak Factory

This place is so, so fine.

The first time I heard about The Burger and Cheesesteak Factory, I thought it was a chain. I still wanted to try it–hello, BURGERS–but I was expecting to walk in to a sweet sorority girl asking, “How many in your party?”

Oh, NO, honeychild. Owners Chelsey and Kaleb Elkins did this up RIGHT.


Look, this is not a white tablecloth establishment. It is, however, exactly what I want out of a place like this: comfortable, plenty of parking, plenty of space in the restaurant to easily move around (read: not cramped and tiny), easy ordering and quick service. The walls are tattooed–much like Kaleb!–with black Sharpie scrawls, messages from other Athenian diners. “Feels like I’m in an abandoned loft now used for sweet rave parties,” wrote one reviewer. In a good way. And you can play Mario Kart while you gorge!


Granted, there are cheaper burgers in town, but you come here for QUALITY, not cheap crap. It’s affordable–$5.95 for a burger. You won’t leave hungry. The fried twinkie was $1.50 if you need to top off the tank before leaving! “Not mega cheap,” said a diner, “but worth it.”


FOOD: 4.6
A restaurant’s strongest point should be its food. The Factory doesn’t disappoint: perfectly cooked, never dry burgers with perfect toppings. Can I suggest the fried egg burger? Exceptional, huge, and topped with a beautiful slab of cheddar. “The factory sauce is awesome; so are the bread, meat, and everything else!” Desserts include fried oreos, fried Snickers, and fried Twinkies.


DRINKS: 4.75
The Factory has a limited but SUPER CHEAP beer selection–bottles for $1, buckets (literally) for $5. Coke products boosted the rating, certainly, but today’s reviewers may have been additionally biased by the free sodas given to uniformed Soldiers. Just sayin’.


It just doesn’t get any friendlier than Kaleb and Chelsey. I have been impressed both times I’ve been to the Factory; I witnessed Kaleb, in between helping fry and flip, walking over to each customer to ask about the food and making sure they needed nothing. He mentioned that beer on tap is coming on Friday (whee!) and that they plan to begin Movie Nights–can you say Burgers, Beer and Terminator? ‘Cause I can.



The Burger and Cheesesteak Factory
227 Prince Ave.
Athens, GA

Another great review:

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    2 thoughts on “Athens Tour of Burgers, Stop 1: Burger & Cheesesteak Factory

    1. Fried. Egg.

      I just can’t get my brain around it. I’ve been trying since I saw your FB post about it. I will continue to open-mindedly attempt to understand. (Not like some people who like to hate on people who know the deliciousness that is leftover spaghetti with Ranch dressing and parmesan.)

    2. I tried this place today based on your review and really enjoyed it. The factory sauce is yummy with tater tots. Thanks very much for the recommendation – I’ll try White Tiger the next time I am in town.

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