Athens Tour of Ice Cream: 2 Story Coffee

I see why everyone is thrilled with 2 Story Coffee. I’d heard nothing but good things about it, and when I heard they have some semblance of gelato selection, I knew my time had come.

Fire and Ice!
We descended like vultures on 2 Story on Tuesday, fresh from a Mellow Mushroom binge (PIZZA….of course).

It really, really doesn’t get much better than this. PLENTY of room. Beautiful porches in front and back. Separate spaces for the talkers (first floor) and students/writers/crabby people (second floor). Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, Opie-like employees.

Opie-like Aaron
Not amazing, but comparable to other premium ice cream in town. One cup is $3, and the “Fire and Ice” is $5…guess which I had? The Fire and Ice is three scoops of gelato, a shot of espresso, whipped cream and chocolate-covered espresso beans. HELLLLLOOOOO. One reviewer felt the gelato was ” a little pricey,” but you’re definitely partially investing in the experience of being there.

The lovely inside
Amy and sweet Zeke!
TASTE: 4.8
My Fire and Ice was absolutely great–and was something I’d return for. You can choose which flavors you prefer in it, and I gave Aaron free reign to give me what he thought would be best. His choice: cappuccino hazelnut and bocci, a chocolate hazelnut that one reviewer described as “super creamy, rich dark chocolate.” Offerings included mango, pistachio, bocci, Tahitian vanilla, cappuccino hazelnut, and birthday cake. Between all seven of us, we tried every flavor, and nothing received a negative rating.

Flavor selections
Brett and his mother, Linda
Gelato is known for its creaminess, so no surprise there. Still, I can’t say it’s as creamy as Ben & Jerry’s. Maybe not as likely to land me in the cardiologist’s office, either?
Zeke is a dedicated Tour participant...penning his review.
As Aaron explained from the beginning to us, 2 Story is a coffeehouse, not an ice cream parlor. Sure, it could use more flavors, but what it did have was very authentic and delicious. And there were chocolaty options, so I was happy. “Bah, no 31 flavors,” one reviewer rebutted.

Newlyweds, thankyouverymuchBrett and Zekey
Kristen, Zeke, Elijah
Elijah, my bacon
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