Athens Ice Cream Tour: Stop 1B (Ben & Jerry’s Redux)

Ben & Jerry’s has four additional reviewers this week, so this post updates the previous review to include new ratings and thoughts. Each rating you see is now the NEW, OFFICIAL, FANCY-DANCY rating. Impressed? You’re impressed, right?

Ted, DudeIForgetYourName! and Chris chatting outside Five Guys

“I feel like I am inside a Ben & Jerry’s container,” one reviewer wrote. I think that’s a good thing–referring to the shop’s bright decor–but then again, more than one person lamented the lack of seating inside. It’s just a small space. Another noticed that the “floor could use mopping” and “there were flies.” Of course, this IS summertime in Georgia, and with people constantly coming in and out, we can’t fault them TOO much for that.

The lovely and witty Britni makes her selection

$4 for a scoop is kinda steep. But many reviewers noted (begrudgingly) that “you get what you pay for.”

Britni and Kristen

TASTE: 4.5
This is, of course, THE reason to pay exorbitant prices. Our self-designated “healthy reviewer” rated the Half-Baked frozen yogurt “almost the same as the ice cream of the same flavor.”

MMmmmmmm!  Lucky student worker!

TEXTURE: 4.6 Just wonderful. That’s what you get when you use heavy cream…sheer awesomeness.

VARIETY: 4.4 “Exceptional,” wrote one reviewer. As I think I noted in the first review, only Baskin-Robbins can rival the selection in the local area.

OVERALL: 3.92Chris and Ted get serious about their tastings and reviews

Britni eating her 5 Guys burger

Ice cream first, burgers second!

Ben & Jerry's on Urbanspoon


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