Athens Tour of Ice Cream: Ben & Jerry’s

Mom and Dad get the goods

It turns out that yesterday was a bad day for everyone who’d signed up for the new Ice Cream Tour of Athens; therefore, we’ll go sometime next week (Ben and Jerry’s TWO WEEKS in a ROW for ME! YESSSSSS!), and I’ll augment this review when we do. So, yeah, it was me and my parents. Sue me.

This Tour is like the Pizza Tour: we’re going to meet at every place I can think of in Athens that would make sense to review for the Ice Cream Knowledge Database (ICKDA) I’m spearheading. Just kidding. I really just want to eat lots of ice cream and talk about its merits.

John, our friendly ice cream dipper guy

Dad paying...I have no shame.

This is no reflection on John’s capable serving, but the Ben & Jerry’s location leaves quite a bit to be desired. Reviewers lamented the dearth of seating inside, the restroom lacked some supplies, and the panhandlers directly outside the shop were getting rowdy. That last bit isn’t B&J’s fault, per se, but it definitely affects one’s willingness to go pay $4 per scoop of premium ice cream–or to bring children and go sit outside on a steamy summer day.

The jury’s kind of out on this one; reviewers either thought the ice cream is “pricey, but worth it” or were “not sure it’s worth that much.” Of course, the reviewer who technically PAID for the ice cream is the one who gave the pricing a 1 out of 5. A “small” scoop, though it’s not that small, does cost $4.
Me and Mom

TASTE: 5.0
No surprise there. We tried the Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz, Chocolate Therapy, and Vanilla flavors, and all were just amazing. This is, of course, why people DO brave any other problems to pay $4 for a scoop!

As creamy as it probably gets. SO GOOD.

Only Baskin-Robbins probably has more options.

A solid choice anytime…you’ll never be disappointed with the quality, taste or texture.
Ben & Jerry's on Urbanspoon


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