Athens Tour of Pizza: Your Pie (Apr 8)

Catherine, Eric, and Wesley

In case you’re just joining us, a varying and motley crew is going to EVERY pizza place in Athens, one at a time, every Wednesday at noon until we’ve exhausted every option. Next week is Sons of Italy, located on Milledge Avenue by the Loop exit. If you haven’t come yet, you should. We have a blast.

Your Pie is a fairly new addition to Athens’ pizza scene. (Um, I guess there’s a ‘scene’.) It was aptly described by one reviewer as “the Subway of pizzas,” and we mean that in the best sense–the procedure for procuring your pizza is similar to ordering a sandwich at Subway. At YP, you pick your crust, cheese, and toppings, going down the line and paying at the end.

Speaking of the end of the line, YP wisely placed their gelato case by the cashier, so as you buy your pie (natch), you keep in mind that you want room left in your tummy for dessert. Not that I ever personally doubt or forget such a thing.

Britni and Kristen

This place is modern, with a pleasing color palette, beautiful and large wood booths, tables, and ‘bar’-type seating. Everyone liked it, remarking on the artwork, music (just a little loud), and view of the brick oven. The ONLY problem with this place is that seating’s limited (maybe could fit 40-50 diners total?).

Reviewers were sharply divided on their perception of the pizza’s value. “A LOT more pizza and toppings for the money at other places,” wrote one; another praised the military discount (50%!) and pizza quality.

CPT Johnson

CRUST: 3.7
Most loved it; some reviewers wanted a choice between thick and thin, because the crust–while very well executed, chewy, and crispy–is very thin.

SAUCE: 4.8
Our highest rating ever. There are SO MANY choices: Traditional Marinara, Basil Pesto, Sun-Dried Tomato Basil, Zesty BBQ, (Texas Pete-based) Hot sauce, Ranchy Marinara, Roasted Garlic Olive Oil, Spicy Thai. NICE. Plus, they’ll mix sauces! I had hot sauce + marinara, and it rocked.


Four different freaking kinds of mozzarella. DUDE. Not to mention gorgonzola, feta, ricotta, and more. Jeez!

GREAT selection. Everything from avocado, spinach and pineapple to cilantro, corn and eggplant. One reviewer felt the pizza makers were stingy with toppings.


Workers were very friendly, accommodating, and helpful.

Well-proportioned/mixed Coke products (complete with COKE ZERO! YES!!), a very limited beer and wine selection. Free refills.

Another first…even better than Little Italy. Wait time was extremely short: five minutes or so for most of us.

Here’s the thing. The two restrooms are unisex. The good: if one’s empty, I don’t have to wait. The bad: I don’t want to share with stinky, nasty boys! YUCK! But for the record, the restroom I went in was very clean, smelled of cinnamon, and came equipped with a toilet cleaning solution. Cool. No place to change a baby that I saw, though.



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