Athens Tour of Pizza: Peppino’s (Apr 22)


In case you’re just joining us, a varying and motley crew is going to EVERY pizza place in Athens, one at a time, every Wednesday at noon until we’ve exhausted every option. Next week is Johnny’s NY Style Pizza, located at Gaines School and Cedar Shoals. If you haven’t come yet, you should. We have a blast.

Peppino’s is a lot like Little Italy, which makes sense, since they share the same owner: they’re both your basic, quite decent pizza joint. You don’t go there expecting gourmet perfection; you go there to get your cheap slice and soda or Bud draft.

The nutshell, then, is that this isn’t really a Foodie’s Paradise. It’s more for the Joes who stare at you blankly when you (the Foodie) start rambling, ranting and waxing rhapsodic (that’s for you Steve Martin fans) about varied cheeses, or oregano in the crust, or how cilantro REALLY CAN work as a topping. Not that I know anything about doing anything like that.

But seriously…it’s a place for the people who say, “Uhhh, huh? It’s just pizza.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Nora and Kristen

One new reviewer noted that the decor is “almost outdated,” and he was not “a big fan of neon lighting,” which was OFF THE CHAIN in this joint. Neon everywhere, as the pictures will testify. “I think they don’t know if they’re a Mexican place or an Italian place,” noted another reviewer.

Excellent prices and lunch specials. Offered all the time: two slices & drink or one slice, a salad, and a drink for $5.50. DANG. And toppings–meat too!–are only .50.

Britni and Jory

CRUST: 4.25
Two reviewers got thick crust, which they loved. “Crispy yet moist,” they enthused. The thin crust had a lovely crunch and a doughy, not buttery taste. For you Peachtree City vets, this reminded me VERY MUCH of Partners II Pizza’s crust. MEMORIES.

SAUCE: 3.6
I noticed a great discrepancy in the amount of sauce different slices received, and this seemed reflected in the reviewers’ polarized opinions. “Almost non-existent, and watery taste,” wrote one, but another claimed the “large amount helps to keep thick crust moist.”

see the strange neon?  too much.

Again, a discrepancy in amount given. Some diners had “loads,” while others complained cheese was “hardly present at all.”

The price is right, fo sho (50 cents!). Offerings are mostly classic, with a few nods to gourmet palates (pesto, feta, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes). Portions are extremely generous.


SERVICE: 4.25 At Peppino’s you order at the counter and wait for them to call your number, like at Little Italy, but the workers were spunky, helpful and willing to go the extra mile (allowing us to order for someone not there yet without paying for it until he arrived). Cool.

The highest rating ever in this category. I kept writing adjectives as my amazement grew: “impressive, gargantuan, FREAKIN’ HUGE.”

LTC Fickel and Nora

Not impressive, especially compared to other venues. PEPSI products…BLECH!!! Limited beer selection.

Impressively fast. The longest anyone waited was still less than 10 minutes.


squeezy chicken

This is a squeezy chicken I got in Greenville last weekend. It lays an “egg” out its bottom, and I thought it was totally hilarious. At the end of our meal, Squeezy Chicken died a premature and horrifying death: its “egg” BROKE, squirting nasty, gelatinous goo all over me and the floor. I don’t know if I have EVER laughed so hard in my life. NASTY, PEOPLE! Let us have a moment of silence for Squeezy Chicken and his untimely demise.

Birthday Cake!  Thanks LTC F and Nora!

Squeezy Chicken and Carnage

Peppino's Pizza on Urbanspoon


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