Athens Tour of Pizza: DePalma’s Cafe (Apr 1)

Zeke Fatzinger was the star of the show. When he tasted the pizza, he said--unprompted!--"Not bad!"

In case you’re just joining us, a varying and motley crew is going to EVERY pizza place in Athens, one at a time, every Wednesday at noon until we’ve exhausted every option. Next week is Your Pie, located in the Alps/Beechwood shopping center. Everyone seems to be excited about that stop! If you haven’t come yet, you should. We have a blast.

This week marked our last downtown locale: DePalma’s Italian Cafe. MANY of our members had been looking forward to this stop for weeks! Wesley, in particular, reminded us every week that he was sure DePalma’s would be the best we’d have. The crowd was HUGE today (20 people!), thanks to a group of friends from Hoschton/Flowery Branch.

Kristen and Nora: masterminds or gluttons? You decide.

My opinion: it doesn’t get a lot better. DePalma’s is a quintessential downtown Athens kind of place, with all the class that those places sometimes lack. High booths, beautiful wood floors and bar, gorgeous decor, a large back room for bigger parties (like ours). Most reviewers commented on the “cozy,” “warm” atmosphere. One reviewer complained that the restaurant smelled of smoke when she entered.

NOT the cheapest place in town by any means, but more than one reviewer noted, “You get what you pay for in this instance!”

Holly and Angela

Hipps Family

CRUST: 4.3
AMAZING. Most of us absolutely loved it. Common reactions: “Buttery,” “nice elasticity in the dough,” “perfect combination of crispy and chewy.”

SAUCE: 3.4
Many reviewers liked the taste (“slightly sweet”) but felt there wasn’t quite enough of the sauce on each slice. Some wished it were spicier.

Christina and Britni

Tracie and Courtney

Almost everyone loved the taste, but several reviewers wanted more. “Great stretch!”

Beautiful, amazing. Not the breadth of selection you find at other restaurants, perhaps, but the quality of the ingredients is extremely impressive. The prosciutto, for example, was presented in long slices, not in tiny pieces, as we’d expected. I can testify that prosciutto, sun-dried tomatoes, and wild mushrooms is a heavenly combination.

Kristen and Felicity

Amy and Amy!

We had a pretty huge crowd, so it’s not surprising that lunch took a while. However, service was extremely prompt and thoughtful. Our waiter was knowledgeable, willing to do special orders, and asked in advance if we needed checks split.

Impressively large. (That’s what SHE said! …oh, sorry.) Anyway, not as big as Little Italy, perhaps, but a fine size. (I said I was SORRY!)

Doris and Aaron

I was a little shocked at the low rating here, considering that DePalma’s has a full bar and Coke products, but more than one reviewer felt strongly about the “flat” Diet Coke, regular Coke that tasted “like Diet,” and tea/water that tasted “like fish.” Ewwww. I stuck to wine and water (which I didn’t notice tasting funny, but perhaps I was too enraptured with my pizza).

Felicity, Wesley and Christina

With such a big group, there was a concomitant long wait. Not really a problem. Most said the wait was worth it (once they tasted the food)!

Clean; cool faucets. You could actually change your baby on the bench seating in there, but there’s no official baby-changing station.


Kristen and Holly

Zeke is working hard on his review--pictured below.

Zeke's review

Holly with the smallest Hipps

This was my first experience with prosciutto on a pizza. AMAZING.

Felicity and the heavenly pizza


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