Athens Tour of Pizza: Transmetropolitan (Mar 18)

In case you’re just joining us, a varying and motley crew (the most ever today–18!) is going to EVERY pizza place in Athens, one at a time, every Wednesday at noon until we’ve exhausted every option. Next week is Little Italy…again! LI was the first restaurant we reviewed, and, um, it was just me and Nora. We’re going again by popular demand. If you haven’t come yet, you should. We have a blast.

Honestly, dudes, we weren’t impressed today, as the following review will establish and elucidate.

Jack and Andrew's faces speak for our collective experience that day.

Honestly, this was all over the map. Some reviewers appreciated Transmet’s “cozy, clean” appearance and “interesting paintings,” while others felt the paintings were “mistreated” (they weren’t framed and were tacked to the walls) and thought the music/buzz were too loud for easy conversation.

Tracie and Audrey

Fairly middle of the road; slices are $1.75 (thin) and $2.15 (thick), with all toppings a flat .85. Not bad.

CRUST: 3.0
Not at all a reviewer favorite, especially comparatively. A couple of people found it “perfect,” “well done,” “not too bland,” but the rest of the reviewers remarked on the crust’s bland taste. The thick slices are essentially focaccia with toppings; this is good if you like focaccia, but meh if you want traditional Sicilian.

Kristen and Meghan

SAUCE: 2.7
Most remarked on the paucity and blandness of the sauce. One reviewer snarked, “I didn’t see any.”

In the words of one reviewer, “Yawn.” Nothing to see here. Most slices had not enough, and the cheese was super bland.

Wesley, Kristen, Eric and Meredith

Pricing’s good, and it’s nice not to have to distinguish between “premium” and “regular” ad nauseam, but at the same time, other locations offer a greater selection. One reviewer loved the BBQ chicken offering.

Most people weren’t at all impressed with the terrible delay in getting their food; there were some diners who were served promptly and got drink refills. A great gamut of experience here, oddly.

Doris, Aaron, LTC Fickel and Nora

They have Coke products, so that’s good, and a “reasonable” beer and wine selection (I like the pear cider). Several reviewers mentioned that there are more beers on tap upstairs. No Coke Zero, though.

People lamented the “single bathrooms–no one wants to wait!” But the restrooms were clean and well-appointed.


SFC Thompson and Jennifer

Kristen and Nora

Transmetropolitan on Urbanspoon


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