Athens Tour of Pizza: Mellow Mushroom (Mar 4)

In case you’re just joining us, a varying and motley crew is going to EVERY pizza place in Athens, one at a time, every Wednesday at noon until we’ve exhausted every option. Next week is Spring Break (for some of us…not me, apparently), but the week after THAT we’re going to Transmetropolitan’s downtown Athens location. If you haven’t come yet, you should. We have a blast.

This week was, in my opinion, going to be a contender for the Title–and it will certainly be in the Semifinals. (How hilarious is the idea of a Pizza Semifinal? Heck YES.)

Meredith, Britni and SGT Lopez

We had eleven people rating this week’s slices–a surprising number considering the late hour of my invitation!

Universally liked. SUCH A DIFFERENCE from the old, greasy, icky location on Broad St. Mellow Mushroom, now happily situated in Compadre’s old digs, is completely comfortable, clean, and modern, with nice, high-backed booths, wood floors, and a high ceiling. One reviewer noted the “rainbow-colored mushroom atmosphere”: only here can you see a mural of animals, shrooms and doobies.

A Military discount (50%!) was much appreciated by many of our reviewers. “Calzones are pretty pricey,” one person wrote, and most pointed out that Angelo’s 2-for-1 slice deal on Wednesday is hard to beat.

Wesley and Kristen

CRUST: 4.6
MM’s crust is really excellent–“fresh,”wheat, well-risen, crunchy yet soft in the middle.” A few people were put off by the wheat in the crust. I added some pointage for the AMAZING HONEY PRETZELS OH MY GOSH ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

SAUCE: 4.1
Good–not amazing, not bad. I liked that there was enough, which is a little rare. Some reviewers thought the sauce too sweet.

The Sallee Family

Okay. Maybe I’m discovering that I am an EXTRA CHEESE person, because I usually wind up thinking there’s not enough on every slice. So take my criticism with a grain of salt. Most reviewers liked it…and there’s a wonderful variety of cheeses offered (including blue cheese and fresh mozzarella!).

A really excellent selection. No shrimp, but there is bacon (YES! Right, Angela?), BBQ chicken, steak, pesto tofu, etc.

Our waitress was prompt, accommodating, and hilarious. Telling one of our reviewers about a pizza’s spiciness, she said, “I think goldfish are spicy, so…” Which earned her a 5 from me for wit.

Jon and Mandy

Totally huge.

Who could object to this menu? COKE ZERO PEOPLE. That makes my dining decision sometimes, sersly. Also, there’s a full bar and a VAST selection of “domestic and micro beers.”

Thinking hard...or hardly thinking?

Certainly not bad. Our great waitress constantly checked on us, too.

Clean, modern, and would easily have been a 5 if they had a place to change your baby. PLEASE, ATHENS, do this for mothers and fathers!

Eric and the multitasking Melanie

Mellow Mushroom on Urbanspoon


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