Athens Tour of Pizza: Little Italy (Feb 13)

First stop on the Tour (what do you mean about the photography?...shutup, it's ARTSY.)

First stop on the Tour (what do you mean about the photography?...shutup, it's ARTSY.)

Nora Fickel and I recently had a brilliant notion after I’d asserted the supremacy of Transmet pizza (Hungry Sasquatch) over all other Athens pizza. I couldn’t really substantiate my claim–not having tried every pizza place in Athens–so why not remedy that?

So…wait for it!…we’re visiting every pizza place in Athens, so you’ll get weekly reports on our findings. We started this week with Nora’s favorite pizza joint: Little Italy.

Each restaurant/delivery service will be rated on ambiance (if applicable), pricing, crust, sauce, cheese, toppings, service, restrooms, drinks, and anything else that crosses our minds. We’re including Little Italy, Transmetropolitan, DePalma’s, Mellow Mushroom, Cici’s, Amici’s, Sons of Italy, Peppino’s, Papa John’s, Gumby’s, Pizza Hut, Little Caesar’s, Domino’s, Stevie B’s, Ferrando’s and any other one we remember. Scores are 1-5, where 1 is total crap and 5 is euphoria.

**Anyone is welcome to join us on Wednesdays around noon! Let us know if you want to participate!

LI is a classic pizza joint. It’s clean, smells good, has unoffensive if uninspired decor, and plenty of seating (which you may not realize from the street).

Cannot be beat. I’ll be surprised if any of the subsequent places can hold a candle to LI’s pricing. I paid $1.90 for a thick slice, .35 per topping. Nora’s thin slice was even cheaper.

Nora is a thin crust fan and thinks LI’s is awesome.
THICK: 4.5
Very good, perfectly browned. Not at all greasy.

Fresh tomato taste. Not too sweet (though Nora commented that she’d like more sweetness), and not too tomato-pasty.

CHEESE: 6 (thin) and 3.5 (thick)
Split decision. Nora’s thin crust pizza had, in her estimation, the perfect, off-the-charts cheese. My thick crust pizza could have used a little more cheese–you shouldn’t have to order “extra cheese” to get enough.

I was the only one who got toppings (ham and pineapple). LI is extremely generous with them. YAY.

Friendly and super fast. Also, the cute guy behind the counter called me “sweetie.” That’s worth .5.

MISC: Bathrooms: 3
Clean but needs updating. No place to change a baby’s diaper. Drinks: 2 Pepsi? Seriously? This is Coke Country, folks, not North Carolina. Also, there are no free refills unless you order sweet tea.


Little Italy Pizzeria on Urbanspoon


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