Athens Tour of Pizza: Angelo’s (Feb 25)

First, and most importantly, I was totally hit on during this excursion. I remained totally unbiased in my assessment of the pizza, naturally, despite being repeatedly asked for my digits and offered a sommelier position.
Hugh, my new boyfriend.

In case you’re just joining us, a varying and motley crew is going to EVERY pizza place in Athens, one at a time, every Wednesday at noon until we’ve exhausted every option. Next week is Mellow Mushroom. If you haven’t come yet, you should. We have a blast. And you might get some digits…you never know!

So, down to business:

slices at Angelo's.  don't know if you can see the OREGANO.

Ambiance: 4.8
Angelo’s deserves a HUGE second chance if you’ve not been there in years, as I hadn’t. Hugh Christian, the owner, has totally renovated the restaurant. I remembered a dingy, unimpressive joint where you went through the line and paid at the end. Hugh has totally transformed that space, and now it’s really a cozy, pretty dang fancy Italian place. Everyone universally praised the decor (old Sophia Loren and Frank Sinatra photos!), tablecloths, and cloth napkins. Nice!

Pricing: 4.8
Another category in which Angelo’s does well. $1.95 slices, $.50 and .75 toppings. Add a BOGO offer to that (every Wednesday, yo!), and your wallet’s quite happy. They also had a Yuengling draft for $2. Not that anyone partook….ahem. Next category.

Eric, Britni and Wesley

Crust: 4.4
Hugh informed us that the crust is NOT frozen; it’s made fresh there. Their crust is thin and tasty, and I was probably the only one who had a major problem with the oregano included in the dough. For me it overwhelmed the taste of the crust, sauce and cheese, but everyone else seemed not to mind it.

Sauce: 4.0
Everyone agreed that the sauce was well-balanced–several reviewers noted that it was “not too sweet, not too spicy.”

Cheese: 4.0
Comments ranged from “what I want a pizza to taste like!” to “herby, didn’t love it” and “too much oregano”–the oregano was heavy, people. HEAVY. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Jon and Aaron

Toppings: 4.3
Reviewers liked the selection (standards, plus shrimp and prosciutto as premium choices) and the “not skimpy” portions.

Service: 3.9
Who could resist Hugh’s personal attention? The wait staff was very friendly. One of our diners had a order messed up, but it was corrected, and our waiter “broke policy” to divide the check for us (thank GOD).

Drinks, restrooms: 4.0
The good: wine list, beer. Clean, spacious restrooms. The bad: NO COCA COLA…what? And no place to change a baby’s diaper.

Wait time: 4.4
Not bad…maybe 10 minutes.

Slice Size: 3.3
Tiny, especially compared to Little Italy.


Kristen and Nora

Kristen, Melanie and Meredith

Angelo's Italian Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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