Athens Tour of Pizza: Amici (Feb 18)

Nora and KristenThis week we took our burgeoning, motley band of pizza lovers to Amici. Centrally located downtown, Amici replaced Rocky’s, an Athens “institution” that I was never that crazy about.

This week we had a crew of 15, a whopping increase from last week’s reviewer total (um, two).

If you’d like to be included in the Reviewer Panel, please just let me know. Next week we’re going to Angelo’s, located near Amici on Clayton St.

To get down to it:

Ambiance: 3.5
Nothing fancy, but it doesn’t need to be. This is a pizza/sandwich/wings/beer joint, just a tiny notch up from Little Italy. Typical reviewer comments included “fine, clean,” “good music” (a nice live set from Fleetwood Mac played for most of our meal), and “spacious seating.” One reviewer noted that it’s rare to find dart boards in Athens restaurants and bars.

Pricing: 2.4
This is Amici’s big, big downfall, at least at lunchtime. We didn’t see any lunch specials aside from one wing plate, and there was no lunch menu; lunch and dinner prices are the same! A slice is $2.50, and toppings range from $.95 to 1.25. Those add up QUICKLY. One reviewer got a slice of “Greek” pizza and a Coke, and paid $7.38 before tip! Compare that to Little Italy ($1.90 for a thick slice, .35 per topping) or even DePalma’s ($5 and change for a slice, a salad, and a drink!), and you can see why people were balking.
Amici's back room
Crust: 3.0
No options. Just thin and white. The taste was good, though; reviewers liked the “nicely browned” and “crisp” crust.

Sauce: 3.9
Meh. Some people noted and liked the sweetness of the sauce, some didn’t prefer it; reviewers were fairly evenly divided on the amount of sauce, as well–many felt it needed more.

Cheese: 4.0
The cheese was universally liked, and on most pieces, plentiful. A couple of pieces were woefully lacking in cheese, and the reviewer was nonplussed about them because of it. Several people mentioned that the cheese tasted excellent and avoided seeming greasy.
Doris and Aaron
Toppings: 4.0
We were impressed by Amici’s large variety of toppings, which were reasonably divided into regular and premium categories. Premium toppings were really singular and interesting: shrimp, fried chicken. The reviewer who tried the shrimp loved it.

Service: 5+
Truly exceptional. Our waiter, Sam, was super helpful, attentive, brought us extra napkins without our asking (a huge deal in a pizza joint!), and friendly.
SFC Thompson, Jack and Andrew
**New Category!** Wait Time: 2.5
We had to wait a really long time for our pizza…this wasn’t Sam’s fault at all. But even for pizza, this was a long wait!

Misc (includes drinks and restrooms): 3.5
Offers Coke products (YAY!). Offers beer (YAY!). Not a full bar, though, and there’s no place to change your baby’s diaper. Restrooms were clean, though, which is saying something in downtown Athens.

Nora and Britni
Meghan and me
Wesley's usual face

Amici Italian Cafe on Urbanspoon


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