Welcome to my foodworld, peeps!

So, here’s the thing. I love to talk about, prepare, share and give food. My heart beats a little faster, my eyes widen, and if there’s enough sugar involved, my cheeks tingle. (Is that weird?)

I figure that readers of my regular blog may not want my other posts interrupted with descriptions of wonderful dishes and reviews of restaurants, so why not do that in a dedicated space? Welcome to FoodieVille.

One of my favorite herbs is cilantro, and its lush green color and vibrant flavor are perfect symbols, I think, of a food lover’s palette. (Photo by Henrique Vicente.)

A little about me: I am a working mother of a little boy who will be two in January. I am a huge fan of Cooking Light, but I’ve never found a recipe in Taste of Home that I thought looked good. I gravitate toward healthy fare in general, and salads, chicken, fish, filet mignon, Indian, Thai, sushi, and warm cookies in particular.

Because I do bring home bacon and yet fry it up in the pan, I don’t get to cook the more time-consuming meals I used to–but when I do, you’re gonna hear about it.

You can also expect reviews of everything from my local Chik-fil-A and ice cream parlors to local mom and pop restaurants in the Athens, GA, area.

Until next time, stuff your face, mateys!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to my foodworld, peeps!

  1. Hey! I stumbled across your blog while reading up on Athens restaurants and absolutely love it! I’m sad you’ve stopped writing and there’s no forwarding blog!

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